KetoneBalance Duo, Organic Weight Loss Supplement to Burn Your Fat Away!

by | Jan 31, 2018

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KetoneBalance Duo is an amazing 2-in-1 fat burner that works like crazy!

You can lose weight naturally with popular raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract, a dual formula for maximum weight loss results.

Both of these two key ingredients became popular as weight loss supplements in 2012 and were mostly sold as separate products.

Evolution-Slimming decided to put both raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract into one single very strong fat burning weight loss supplement.

Raspberry ketones have shown to help regulate the metabolism allowing the body to burn fat faster and help body breaking down the fat cells. (1)

Green coffee bean extract is another ingredient that has shown strong fat burning effect. These two together work like a charm! (2)

Raspberry Ketone Capsules and Green Coffee Bean Extract

2in1 Formula


Fat Burner


Metabolism Booster

It also contains green tea extract which is known to increase the metabolic rate and supply your body with some very important antioxidants found in green tea.

KetoneBalance Duo is all-natural and safe weight loss supplement that is very easy on the body. However it increases the metabolism quite well.

It is considered an energy booster because of the naturally present caffeine-like stimulant molecules found in green coffee beans and green tea.

But it produces far less stimulant side effects than caffeine itself. So it is recommended as an alternative or for those that are sensitive to caffeine.

Some advice when taking KetoneBalance Duo

Please be aware that when taking KetoneBalance Duo it is advised to reduce caffeine intake or at least be careful if you are used to drinking caffeinated drinks or other energy drinks and stimulant supplements.

To achieve maximum weight loss results it is most effective when taken along with a balanced diet and exercise.

Be sure to drink enough water because your body will need a lot of it. KetoneBalance Duo increases your body’s metabolism and fat burning process which require lots of water.

Drinking Water is Very Important for Weight Loss

People also say that they noticed increased energy levels, better mood and motivation for weight loss when taking KetoneBalance Duo and following the advice for a balanced and safe weight loss routine.

The company behind KetoneBalance Duo, Evolution-Slimming is a trustworthy UK company known for their fast response, good customer service and fast world-wide delivery. You can learn more about KetoneBalance Duo on their official website and you may also want to check other great products they offer!

Some Precautions Taking KetoneBalance Duo

This is very safe weight loss supplement, however if you have doubts or health concerns you should consult with your doctor about taking it.

Anyone having medical conditions related to metabolism, unbalanced liver function, diabetes or caffeine sensitivity, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances should consult with a doctor before taking KetoneBalance Duo.

People sensitive to caffeine and other energy stimulants may experience side effects. If you experience any side effects which you think can be linked to KetoneBalance Duo, stop taking the supplement immediately and consult with your doctor.

Increased feeling of thirst is a common side effect because body requires more liquid when the metabolism is increased. Drinking fresh water is very important. Avoid sweetened drinks at all costs when trying to lose weight since sugar is one of main causes for obesity.

At all cost avoid artificial sweeteners in foods and flavored drinks and sodas. Studies confirmed that artificial sweeteners like the ones used in sugar-free and zero-calorie drinks cause obesity and increase other health risks. (3)

Natural fruit juices are a good source of vitamins but keep in mind that they contain a lot of naturally present sugar from fruit. A simple advice I usually give to people trying to lose weight is to drink two glasses of pure water for each glass of natural fruit juice you drink. This is just a mere suggestion to show that it is very important to drink pure water in general, and more so when losing weight.

How to take KetoneBalance Duo?

KetoneBalance Duo fat burner contains 60 vegetarian capsules in one bottle. You take 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast and 1 capsule with your lunch. Do not take KetoneBalance Duo in the evening because the energy it produces can disturb your sleep.

One bottle is enough for one month.

Start Losing Weight Naturally Today!

KetoneBalance Duo Product Label

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