High Quality Probiotics With Digestive Enzymes – For Healthy Gut?

by | Jan 12, 2018

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Performance Probiotic from Bauer Nutrition is high quality, strong and effective digestive probiotic supplement made to relieve all your digestive troubles, boost your immune system and health and even help you lose some weight!

Their formula is very potent with 50 billion probiotic cell count at the date of manufacture, containing 9 strands of important digestive bacteria, important probiotic yeast and additional 2 digestive enzymes. If you were looking for strong and effective probiotic, then Performance Probiotics is what you need!

Performance Probiotic Supplement With 50 Billion CFU and 2 Digestive Enzymes

50 Billion CFU Formula


Aditional digestive enzymes


Improves Nutrient Absorption


Balances Digestion

“Good Bacteria” in Probiotics, Why So Important?

Probiotics are food or nutritional supplements that contain the beneficial (good) bacteria and yeasts that live your digestive tract. The majority of good microorganisms that help your metabolism are located in the colon.

A healthy gut flora and healthy digestive tract is more important for health and well being, than people generally realize. Many don’t know that around 60% – 80% of our immune system is actually located in the gut and a mixture of bacteria, yeast and some other microorganisms are the major part of it. An interesting fact is that the number of microbes in your body is 10 times higher than number of cells in your body. Your body works together with these microbes in many ways and a normal, healthy life without this relationship would be near impossible.

Healthy and balanced gut microbes help your body digest food and produce some compounds that your body otherwise couldn’t get. They even produce essential vitamins and directly shield your body from bad microbes, viruses, parasites and toxins. Healthy gut bacteria helps your body break down and eliminate all sorts of waste, toxins, heavy metals and even very poisonous environmental toxins that are increasingly present all around us.

Importance of Probiotics for Your Good Gut Bacteria

Performance Probiotic Helps With:

Digestive problems like bloating, constipation, gas, acid reflux, diarrhea, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and pain in abdomen that’s connected with these problems.

The microflora produces its own antibacterial substances that stabilize normal population of good bacteria and prevents bad bacteria from disturbing the balance.

People that have weakened immune system and often get sick can better fight infections, illnesses, allergies, yeast infections and urinary tract infections when they eat more food rich in probiotics or take probiotic supplements. This counts for generally weakened immune system and not serious conditions like immunodeficiency disorders from chemotherapy, radiation, AIDS, cancer or immune-complex diseases like viral hepatitis. Always consult your doctor if you are unsure about taking probiotics.

If your daily energy is low and you feel tired even when you know you shouldn’t, probiotics can help! They help your body better absorb energy, essential vitamins and minerals from food. Even some people suffering from chronic fatigue noticed that probiotics helped them replenish energy.

A lot of people with busy lifestyle, poor diet (western diet, processed foods) and a lot of stress experience some sort of digestion troubles. Usually their lifestyle changed their gut microflora and their digestion is unbalanced and not working as efficiently as it should. Body doesn’t get enough essential minerals and vitamins and this can lead to all sorts of diseases even mental health issues. Big responsibilities, either at job or personal life and all of the above can lead to physical and mental burnout, which is something everyone should be aware of.

Digestive Problems and Mental Health are Connected, Probiotics Can Help!

Our body has its limits, so if you see yourself here, we highly recommend you to think about it and change something if you can. Taking probiotic supplement can’t replace healthy lifestyle and good food. So first, a change in diet is recommended to balance your digestion, it will also improve health, but it takes some time.

Probiotics are great way to speed up this process so that good bacteria develops and stabilizes faster in the digestive system. It may take a few months for gut microflora to fully recover but the positive effects of Performance Probiotic can be felt within days. It’s recommended to continue with probiotics for at least a month after the desired results have been acomplished.

Skin conditions are also often related to digestion problems. Probiotics can help with acne, eczema or psoriasis. Many notice that their skin looks better, younger and refreshed when taking probiotic supplements, though they usually take them for digestive problems. If your digestion is not working properly it also impacts other organs that eliminate toxins in your body. To help keep balance, skin, which is your largest organ, helps flushing out waste and toxins. This can lead to skin conditions and that is why probiotics can help. We highly recommend taking probiotics when dealing with above mentioned skin conditions, as the skin is often a reflection of how healthy or unhealthy your body is on the inside.

When you take antibiotics, probiotics shield your colon microflora from antibiotics, since they can kill both good and bad bacteria in body. Antibiotics are known to disrupt the healthy balance of microbes in gut. Probiotics can be taken along with antibiotics but only at least 2 to 3 hours before or after the antibiotic. They shouldn’t be taken at the same time. This way you can help reduce the damage to digestive micro flora when antibiotics are taken, but the effect of antibiotic is not reduced. For this we highly recommend Performance Probiotic from Bauer Nutrition because it is very potent and contains additional 2 digestive enzymes and digestive yeast to keep the perfect balance of good microbes. If you have health problems, concerns or doubts, always consult your doctor before taking any probiotic supplements.

As we age our immune system weakens. This is also connected with changes in gut microbes. To maintain health and longevity and reduce health issues that rise as we age, eating a lot of food rich in probiotics or taking probiotic supplements will help! There was a pharmacological research done in Italy revealing that consumption of probiotics can be useful in prevention and treatment of age-related conditions, promoting immune system functions, prevention of “winter diseases”, constipation, diarrhoea and inflamations.

To balance your good bacteria, boost your immune system and improve your health and well being, we highly recommend you to try a very potent and effective probiotic supplement Performance Probiotic from Bauer Nutrition!

Performance Probiotic Helps You Lose Weight?

On top of all the health benefits that probiotics offer, they are also very important for reducing body weight! Probiotics increase efficiency of your digestion, food absorption, energy gained from food both carbohydrates and fat. Many recommend probiotics to help reduce belly fat.

Balancing out your gut bacteria will also boost your energy levels. People report having more energy, feeling rejuvenated and lighter and recover from exercise faster.

To reach best results when losing weight and without too much strain on your body, a healthy balanced diet is very important. Do not starve yourself, losing weight is not about starving and depriving your body of essential minerals and vitamins. To lose weight and staying healthy is about bringing back balance in your lifestyle.

There is no magical one-pill solution for obesity. Probiotics aren’t described as a weight loss supplement but because of their impact on health and digestion they indirectly help manage body weight. They are highly recommended along with a healthy diet change and exercise to provide the necessary support for your digestion. This will help your body adopt faster to the healthier lifestyle and keep the changes longer.

We have chosen Performance Probiotic to be the most beneficial for weight loss, since they offer an extremely high number of probiotic cells in their 50 billion formula, 9 strands of probiotic bacteria, 1 probiotic yeast and additional 2 digestive enzymes to help the growth of friendly bacteria.

Performance Probiotics Label, made by Bauer Nutrition

Precautions taking probiotics supplements

Probiotic foods and supplements are generally thought to be safe for most people. Some may be allergic to some contents of the supplement so always check the ingredients.

People with primary (genetic) or secondary immunodeficiency disorders for example AIDS, cancer, viral hepatitis, diabetes, chemotherapy, radiation, severe burns or injuries and malnutrition should always consult a physician before taking any supplements, even probiotics.

Are there any side effects to probiotics?

Probiotics are generally safe but in some cases mild side effects have been reported

Some of possible side effects are:

  • upset stomach
  • diarrhea
  • gas
  • bloating
  • allergic reactions

Some of these side effects show up only the first few days of taking probiotics and are not severe. It is advised to stop taking them if any of the side effects show up, and consult your doctor. Information on this website is of educational value and not a medical advice.

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