Why Should You Be Sitting Down When Drinking Water?

According to ajurvedic medicine we should be sitting down when drinking water.

When we drink water standing up, the water splashes through the stomach on to the lower stomach wall with great speed. Which disturbs the overall digestive system over long-term.

It is said that water passes down without much filtration which causes impurities to gather in blood or bladder leading to kidney damage.

Some ajurvedic practitioners say that drinking water while standing doesn’t even quench your thirst as much. Supposedly it doesn’t settle in the liver to let it distribute nutrients throughout the body.

This may also be related to the speed at which we drink water when standing up. We tend to drink water way too fast when standing. By doing so, we can also swallow excess air along with water which causes belching and can upset stomach.

Drinking water when sitting is healthier

Why Drink Water Evenly Throughout The Day?

It is very natural for all bodily functions to receive water evenly throughout the day.

Drinking too much water in short periods of time dilutes salt concentration in body. This may lead to swelling of cells throughout your body.

The sudden drop of electrolytes in body can cause brain cells to swell and press against the skull, which may lead to headaches.

So, a headache can be a sign of dehydration and also over-hydration, when water isn’t drunk evenly throughout the day.

A healthy morning water-drinking trick:

It is OK to drink two glasses (16oz) of lukewarm water the moment you wake up. This will stimulate proper bowel movement and help your body flush out the toxins that accumulated over the night.

This morning water-drinking routine will help jump-start your metabolism and make sure your body is clean of all sorts of different toxins and waste. Some of this water may not be absorbed because we should drink it rather fast. The point of this routine is to flush out the waste.

You can also add a little salt to this water in the morning. You will soon notice how refreshing this routine can be.

Healthy morning routine the moment you wake up

The rest of water we drink should be drunk slowly, sipping, and evenly throughout the whole day, preferably when sitting down.

Of course you should drink more liquid during and after the exercise, but always keep in mind not to drink it too fast.

Hold each sip of water for a few moments in your mouth and under your tongue before swallowing it.

When Should You Avoid Drinking Water?

Some experts recommend drinking a glass of water 30 min before eating. This hydrates the stomach’s buffering lining so it is able to produce sufficient stomach acid, which you need to digest foods.

Drinking water right before a meal dilutes the stomach acid, digestive juices and enzymes. Which leads to lesser nutrient absorption. You may lose weight by doing so, because you would feel fuller and eat less, but it may reduce absorption of essential nutrients from food.

Avoid drinking too much water immediately before bed. If you realize before the bed time that you didn’t drink enough water throughout the day, don’t try and catch up.

It is recommended to stop drinking about an hour before you go to sleep. If you are thirsty before bedtime, drink very slowly but not too much, since it may disturb your sleep.

If your urine is colorless it may be a sign of over-hydration. Reduce the intake of water until urine color is pale-yellow. If it is still colorless even though you drink less water it may be a signal of a problem with kidneys.

This article is not a medical advice. If you have any doubts or experience symptoms mentioned above, please consult with a doctor.

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