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Popular Supplements is owned by Zoran and Robin Robyn. This website provides high quality articles and product reviews on various topics and nutritional supplements related to healthy lifestyle. We came up with an idea to make a website together because each of us covers a different field and we work great as a team. Zoran shares his knowledge and technical stuff (more bellow), Robin makes the design and provides an additional “eye” and corrections of articles written by Zoran. Popular Supplements is constantly updating new content and improving!

This website started out as a hobby and since the beginning we really wanted to make a quality website to stand out, taking care of many details. This soon became our full time job. To cover the costs of our living and all the work we do, and to be able to invest resources back into the website we are independent affiliates for the products we recommend and we may receive a commission if visitors click and order through our website.

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We do NOT own the products described on our website. We are independent affiliates for these companies and this does NOT influence the price of products for our visitors. So for anyone that wants to support us, we would be very happy if you find a product on our website that you like and buy it through the links provided. This way you can get what you like (many times a discounted price) and the manufacturing company rewards us a small commission as a thanks for our recommendation. When we send more sales to the companies we can negotiate special deals, discounts or coupons for our readers. If you want to be notified of such special deals we invite you to join us on our newsletter. We put a lot of our time and hard work into this website. If you like it, we would be very thankful if you recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues, thx 🙂

Zoran Gajic

I have been passionately researching natural remedies, herbs and alternative medicine for last 20 years. I was chronically ill as a child and conventional treatment didn’t work on me. When I was 14 years old I started spending most of my free time researching, reading books and trying to improve my health. I suffered from chronic asthma, depression and severe chronic pain caused by spine injury in skiing accident. The pain and depression was completely debilitating and I was unable to live a normal life. I started practicing regular meditation and began experimenting on all sorts of different alternative approaches from herbs to self acupressure massage, change in diet and most importantly, change of way I see the world around me. From chronic pain and deep dark depression I was able to completely balance my health and lifestyle and after many trials and errors I learned how to live as a positive and happy person.

After I helped myself I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others. So I worked as a massage therapist for the last 15 years. I became an instructor for meditation techniques and self empowerment, personal & spiritual growth. Friends, family and others I came in contact every day, noticed my positive change and wanted to follow, learn and came to seek my advice day by day. Although I never intended my life to go this way (I studied computer engineering) I ended up giving other people advice about nutritional supplements and healthy lifestyle practices. This is who I became, a person everyone knew they can ask for an advice.

To make things easier for me, I decided to build popular-supplements.com website to write articles and product reviews so that I can share all my 20 years of knowledge here! One on one counseling became very tedious and energy draining work for me, so building this website will hopefully help me share my experience and knowledge easier.

Zoran Gajic: Massage therapist, make-up artist, meditation techniques instructor, passionate about nature, herbs, crystals, self empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and human potential!

Robin Robyn

I am a young preschool teacher that always dreamed working on projects related to design and photography but never got an opportunity until now. I am positive, outgoing, spiritual and love nature. I have no formal experience with design so working on Popular Supplements was my first design “job”. I am eager to learn, self motivated and maybe a little bit of a perfectionist, but this sure helps me a lot when it comes down to designing websites.

I am constantly researching and trying out new ideas. I am also passionately in love with photography. When I was a child I was the happiest when I could hold a camera in my hand and take pictures of everything and everyone possible, though sometimes (actually many times) annoyed my family, specially my uncle Zoran 🙂

I am very determined to learn as much as I can about design and photography and to show my work on Popular Supplements, as our first project together. I already learned a lot so far but I am sure only the sky is the limit.

Working on Popular Supplements for me also means to grow and develop other useful skills and to perfect my English. I learned a lot from Zoran about nature, supplements, spirituality, personal growth and technical computer related stuff. My job is to support this project with a loving design, to help Zoran with articles spell checking and to motivate him when he is under a lot of stress because of work and to reduce the workload that sometimes falls on him. We are an awesome team 🙂

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